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Real Estate Careers - Polumbo Real Estate Group

Join Us!

You are in business FOR yourself,

not BY yourself.

At Polumbo Realty Group we have an in house training course and mentoring program. To guarantee your success we have an activity base training course that will start you working in real estate from day one. You also have the option to be mentored by an experienced agent until you feel confident enough to work on your own.

Income potential

Your potential to earn is unlimited in Real Estate. Once you have been properly trained, you determine what you will earn.  Want a raise? Sell a more expensive house. Learn your craft and the money will come. 

lead generation

Prospecting is the continuous gathering of potential customers.  They will say no approximately 7 times before agreeing to the appointment.

Do you know what to say? 

closing the deal

Many times a seller or buyer will make excuses not to make a decision. It's important to know the signs that someone wants wants to buy a home or use your service. Knowing and being in tune with these signs will make you a strong closer.  Let me tell you what they are....

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